Online Singing Groups for Children 

Online singing groups designed for children to build confidence in singing in a playful and fun way! 
A weekly online singing groups for ages 6 -8 and 9 -13 years old, singing together and learning from each other. It’s a monthly commitment of 1 hour a week on Skype with a maximum of 6 children in a group. We are working on scales, pitch correction, breathing exercise and singing songs.
At the end of each month there will be an online concert for the children to perform in costume and sing solo songs. We run the groups on Tuesday 5.30 pm, Wednesday 5 pm and Thursday 5.30 pm. If you think your child would enjoy to be part of these sessions please don’t hesitate to contact us, just click on ‘join us’ to book a place in the group.

Online Singing Workshops 

Singing Tips, techniques on how to learn and improve your singing. These workshops are one of the favourite ways for our students to learn singing with others in a group. Weekly singing work-out which helps to build confidence and learn from each other.
If you would like to be part of these workshops send us an email.