Our Ethos


We value the importance of understanding how to use your body in the most efficient way to achieve your singing attitude.

Just like driving a high performance vehicle, first you must learn how it works in detail.

We focus on ensuring you understand how your body works to connect with your singing attitude.


Singing is more than using your voice to produce a sound! It is about having the right attitude to deliver the sound and emotions you are trying to convey.

We focus on helping you drop all expectations, have fun and obtain the right singing attitude for you to achieve your goals.


Once you are able to learn how to use your body as an instrument, you have tapped into your singing attitude, its now time to pull all these elements together and express yourself freely. 

We see how important it is to bring these together and we work with you to give you the freedom to express yourself in a way that best suits you and beyond!

           About Liuba Doga 

Founder of Singing Attitude, Awarded Top Singing School in Cambridge 2020

Vocal Coach, Singer-songwriter, Recording Artist, Eurovision Finalist, International Award Winner, TV Performer, Classically trained as an opera singer with two degrees, four years as director of the choir and touring with an opera company.

Coaches: Total Beginners, Eurovision participants, International Award Winners, Singer-Songwriters, Recording Artists.



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We can't see our voices, but we can feel it!

Our bodies are our instrument and we sing with our feelings.

The more you allow yourself to understand and feel your body, mind, and spirit, the closer you get to your singing attitude.



Unit B Rhinocorn Studio

20 Merces Row, Cambridge,

CB58HY Cambridgeshire 

Tel: 07407 075818



Monday - Saturday  09:00am-8.30pm Zoom, Skype ID: Singing Attitude        


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